Ties of Love Ring [Sterling Silver]

Ties of Love Ring [Sterling Silver]

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It is is said that love conquers all. It is the force that unites us and keeps us close. We may not always get along with our loved ones, and we all have our ups and down in relationships but it is the love that is shared with our family, romances and friends that ties us together forever.


  • The ring is enriched with 1 to 5 Swarovski® crystals - birthstones of your choice (2mm size)
  • Made of sterling silver - 925
  • The stones are placed from left to right, the last one is followed by a knot

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Customer Reviews
  1. I really like how the ring turned out. It's also simply and dainty.

    Karen P.

  2. I like how you can personalize it

    Stephanie M.

  3. The uniqueness

    Laurie N.

  4. I like the design

    Casey V.

  5. Style

    Christine F.

  6. It is beautiful

    Leslie W.

  7. Exactly as it’s advertised

    Carolyn A.

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