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37 Types of Rings You Should Know.

Types of Rings by Significance

Ever been curious about the horoscope realm, astrology, or the zodiac symbols and wondered if there's more to these than just star signs? Welcome to the world of birth flowers! Just like their celestial counterparts, birth flowers bring with them a wealth of information about ourselves or someone special to us.

Promise rings

ties of the heart silver ring by talisa

A step before engagement rings, promise rings signify a pledge of commitment between two people. They can manifest pledges of monogamy, abstaining, or just a marker in a serious relationship, showing that both parties are seriously considering marriage.

Engagement rings

carina ring by talisa with gemstone

Proposing to someone? You’ll probably need at least one engagement ring. Traditionally featuring diamonds or other gemstones, these rings represent a promise of marriage. They usually go on the left hand’s fourth finger given the legend concerning love vein that connects the finger and heart.

Wedding rings

silver ring by talisa

Exchanged during the wedding ceremony, wedding rings stand for a couple’s eternal love and commitment. These are typically simpler than the flashy engagement ring and worn on the same finger like the engagement ring.

Anniversary rings

engraved ring by talis

The gift that keeps giving - anniversary rings are a gesture of love and commitment, often presented on milestone anniversaries. They can be studded with diamonds, gems, or kept simple – but the love woven into them? Always 100%

Birthstone rings

birthsotne ring by talisa in gold

Each month has a unique gemstone associated with it - these stones are known as birthstones, and they make for wonderfully personal and meaningful gifts. The birthstone ring is classy, customizable, and full of special meaning.

Mother's rings

birthstone mothers ring by talisa

Mother's rings have sentimental and emotional value. They are typically set with the birthstone of each of the mother's children, thereby making each ring unique for the mother wearing it. A piece of jewelry that's all heart. The carefully arranged stones serve as a visual celebration of family unity, encapsulating the joys and connections within the maternal relationship.

Classic and Unique Ring Styles

Claddagh rings

Love, friendliness, and loyalty – that's what the Claddagh ring stands for. It's an Irish symbol and the hands represent friendship, the heart symbolizes love, and the crown is for loyalty. A true celebration of all beautiful relations

Signet rings

signet ring in silver by talisa

Resurface your royalty vibes with the signet rings, aka seal rings. They have a flat bezel, usually engraved with a seal or monogram. In history, they were used as a personal signature or symbol of family heritage.

Three-stone rings

carina rings in gold with gem stones

A ring that talks about your love story – the three-stone ring. Also known as the trinity or trilogy ring, it has three stones representing the past, present, and future. Often, the center stone is larger, flanked by two smaller stones on the sides.

Halo rings

halo ring

The more the merrier! That stands true for the halo ring. Imagine a center stone surrounded by smaller accent diamonds - that's a halo ring for you. The smaller diamonds give the illusion of size and volume to the center stone.

Solitaire rings


Simplicity at its best – a solitaire ring is a timeless classic that showcases a single, stunning gemstone on a simple band. The minimalist design allows for easy pairing with various wedding bands, making them a classic choice that transcends trends. Perfect to keep things regal and elegant!

Eternity bands

infinity ring by talisa

Symbolizing never-ending love, eternity bands are rings decorated with a continuous band of identically cut gems, usually diamonds. They're often shared between couples on anniversaries or special occasions!

Trendy and Novelty Ring Styles

Wire rings

ties of knot ring by talisa

Simple, delicate, and trendy, wire rings are exactly what their name suggests - rings made from wire. They may be plain or wrapped around gemstones for an added pop of color and elegance.

Stacked rings

stacked rings by talisa in silver

Stacking up rings on one finger in mix-matched ways creates a unique and stylish look. Stacked rings can include combinations of different styles, sizes and metal types for modern appeal. The combination of various rings reflects the richness and complexity of one's journey, creating a visual tapestry of meaningful moments.

Mood rings

blue ring

Color changing jewels? Yes please! Mood rings have a special stone that changes color depending on the body temperature of the wearer supposedly reflecting the mood of the wearer. Beyond their purported mood-reflecting capabilities, mood rings became cultural symbols of self-expression and individuality.

Gimmel rings


A gimmel ring is made of two or three hoops or links that fit together to form one complete ring. Used in Europe, the engaged couple would wear one hoop each and rejoin them to use as a wedding ring.

Nugget rings


With their distinctive rustic appearance, nugget rings are made to resemble gold nuggets. They can serve as symbolic representations of strength, resilience, and the precious nature of a relationship or personal journey. Beyond their symbolic meaning, these rings are prized for their distinct appearance, standing out as eye-catching and unconventional pieces that make a statement about the wearer's personality and taste.

Puzzle rings

birds nest birthstone ring by talisa

Puzzle rings are intricate pieces that interlock to form one band. The symbolic meaning of puzzle rings is often associated with unity, connection, and the idea that a relationship or bond is made stronger when its individual parts come together.

Spinner rings

spinner ring 3 circles by talisa

Recreational and stylish, spinner rings feature an outer band that spins freely around the inner one. Of late, these have seen a surge in popularity because of their purported ability to calm anxiety and improve focus.

Semi-Mount rings

A semi-mount ring already has smaller diamonds or other gems set, but is awaiting the center stone. Wearers can select a center stone that holds personal significance, such as a birthstone or a gem with specific symbolic meaning. This customization adds an extra layer of sentiment to the ring, turning it into a truly individualized expression of love, commitment, or achievement.

Pavé rings

crystal ring in silver by talisa

Pavé (pronounced pa-vey) rings are encrusted with tiny gemstones; so close together that you can't see the metal underneath. Quite the bling! Beyond romantic symbolism, pavé rings are also popular for celebrating milestones, achievements, or simply as expressions of personal style.

Flexible rings

zodiac ring by talisa

These are rings with links or other mechanisms that make them flexible or expandable, leading to improved comfort and fit. Ideal for those who deal with frequent changes in finger size due to various conditions.

Cluster rings


Cluster rings get their glitz from a group or "cluster" of stones set closely together. They can give the illusion of a larger, single stone while providing a brilliant sparkle. Cluster rings are popular choices for various occasions, including engagements and celebrations, as they can symbolize the coming together of different aspects in one's life.

Fashion rings


Step aside basics, fashion rings are here to make a statement. Characterized by unique shapes, colors, and a generous use of gemstones, these promise to turn heads effortlessly. Symbolically, fashion rings are a form of self-expression and individuality. They allow wearers to showcase their unique tastes, preferences, and creativity.

Vintage and Antique Ring Styles

Estate rings


Estate rings hail from previous eras, recent or long past, and are often second-hand pieces sold as part of an estate sale. They often feature period-specific details and designs that offer a unique charm of yesteryears.

Vintage rings

If you fancy a blast from the past, vintage rings are the way to go. Drawing inspiration from historical eras such as the Victorian, Edwardian, or Art Deco periods, vintage rings make use of timeless designs that make them classic pieces.

Antique rings

Nothing less than a century old, antique rings are valuable, rich with history, and overflowing with character. They typically come from old mines or were passed down through generations, and are the embodiment of ‘they don’t make it like they used to. Wearing an antique ring can be a symbol of appreciation for history and a tangible link to the stories and sentiments of those who wore it before.

Rings for Men

Wedding bands

ring for men with cross by talisa

Less flamboyant but no less significant, men's wedding bands have become a jewelry box staple. They come in a range of styles, materials, and designs, from simple solid bands to bands with special details like diamond studs, textures or personalized engravings.

Signet rings

signet ring for men with compass

Historically worn by the literate to seal and sign documents, today, signet rings are still popular amongst men, as they add a dash of class and sophistication to their overall look. Signet rings are often passed down through generations, becoming a symbol of family heritage and lineage.

Classic rings

engraved ring

A memento of the teenage years, class rings are often presented to university graduates. These rings often feature the school's emblem, the graduating year, and can be customized with various metal and gemstone options. Classic rings are timeless and enduring pieces of jewelry that embody simplicity, elegance, and tradition.

Casual rings

malachite stone ring for men

Casual rings, with their relaxed and unassuming designs, symbolize a sense of everyday comfort and personal style. Men's casual rings range from simple metal bands to rings featuring unique designs, textures or gemstones. Made in a variety of materials, these rings are perfect for everyday wear.

Custom and Personalized Rings

Monogrammed rings


Want something modern, minimalist, but personal? Monogram rings are your answer. Sleek and elegant, these rings are personalized with the wearer's initials –perfect when you wish to keep things low-key yet personal.

Engraved rings


With the freedom to engrave kind messages, important dates, or significant symbols, engraved rings offer a special personal touch. Whether worn as a fashion statement or a personal memento – they are truly unique.

Types of Rings by Finger

Thumb rings


Have something to say about individuality? Do it with a thumb ring, a symbol of great will and independence. From plain bands to elaborate designs – thumb rings are all about making a statement.

Knuckle rings


Situated above the lower knuckles, knuckle rings (or midi rings) are a modern and chic addition to any jewelry collection. They can be worn alone for a simplistic look or stacked for a more dramatic effect.

Pinky rings

silver ring with gem stone by talisa

Small, but don't underestimate them! Once a symbol of status, these little rings are worn on the pinky finger and have made quite a comeback in contemporary fashion. Historically, they have been associated with status and wealth, often adorned with precious stones or family crests.

Tips for Choosing the Right Ring

Consider the intended purpose and meaning

Consider the intended purpose and meaning. Purpose always drives the choice. A ring intended for daily wear should be durable and comfortable, while a ring marking a special occasion or milestone may be more elaborate, studded with stones or more.

Material matters! Whether you want a ring made from traditional gold or silver, or contemporary materials like platinum or stainless steel – the choice should match the wearer’s lifestyle and preferences.

It's like Cinderella's glass slipper - the fit has to be perfect! A loose ring might slide off and get lost, while a tight one might be uncomfortable. Comfort and fit are key - and if necessary, most jewelers provide resizing services.

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