Spheres of Love Necklace [Gold Plated]

Spheres of Love Necklace [Gold Plated]

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We all live in our own small universe with our family and friends circling around us with positive energy and love. Just as planets circle the sun and are pulled towards it so too are the ones we love drawn close to us. Represent all of the people in your circles of love with this custom birthstone necklace.

Price includes three circles with stones. Each additional circle with stone is $10.

Materials: pendent comes with 1 to 5 18K Gold Plated circles each one 1.6mm thick. Each circle comes with cubic zirconia birthstone (circle 2mm). Pendent hangs on 18K gold plated chain.

Circles Diameter:
- XL Circle: ~1.8"
- Large Circle: ~1.5"
- Medium Circle: ~1.2"
- Small Circle: ~1"
- X Small Circle: ~0.7"

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