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  1. Swan Name Ring - 4 Names [18K Gold Plated]
    Swan Name Ring - 4 Names [18K Gold Plated]
  2. A Mother's Love Ring [Gold Plated]
    A Mother's Love Ring [Gold Plated]
  3. Carina Ring. Square [Sterling Silver]
    Carina Ring. Square [Sterling Silver]
  4. Crossroads Promise Ring [Sterling Silver]
    Crossroads Promise Ring [Sterling Silver]
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Customer Reviews
  1. Review

    Sandra H.

    The design
  2. Review

    Sophie M.

    Very delicate looking. I love how thin the ring band is. It is a perfect fit. I am so pleased with it. Thank you.
  3. Review

    Zi-Soeng L.

    I love how beautiful, shiny and quality of the stones are.
  4. Review

    Desiree R.

    Quick, easy and Beautiful product
  5. Review

    Stefani S.

  6. Review

    Monica P.

    Affordable and I like the style
  7. Ophélie L.

    easy to place an order and promptness of customer service.
  8. Review

    Kathy C.

    It was a gift and I love it ♥️

Custom Birthstone Rings: Personalized and Meaningful Jewelry by Talisa

Talisa celebrates life's special moments with unique and personalized jewelry. Our custom birthstone rings allow you to incorporate the meaningful gemstones of your choice for a unique accessory.

Types of Custom Birthstone Rings

Talisa offers various custom birthstone ring options featuring an array of precious metals, designs, and gemstones to represent each month of the year. Our diverse selection lets you find the perfect custom birthstone ring to match any personal style.

By opting for a custom birthstone ring from Talisa, you can be confident that your jewelry will be crafted with care, attention to detail, and ethical practices. Our dedication to sustainable craftsmanship will allow you to wear your personalized treasure proudly.


Are custom birthstone rings in style?

Absolutely! Custom birthstone rings are always in style because they offer a unique and personalized touch that remains timeless. Whether given as a gift or worn as a personal accessory, they hold deep meaning and effortlessly complement your fashion choices.

What does a custom birthstone ring mean?

A custom birthstone ring is a piece of jewelry designed specifically for you, incorporating gemstones representing birth months for yourself or loved ones. These rings hold special significance and can serve as cherished symbols of life's milestones or relationships.

Should a ring move on your finger?

A well-fitted ring should not move freely around your finger but should not be too tight. It's normal for a ring to fit slightly differently depending on the time of day or temperature. Consult with a professional jeweler for guidance on finding the perfect fit.

Can custom birthstone rings be resized?

Depending on the design and materials used, many custom birthstone rings can be resized. Please consult with a professional jeweler about the specific details of your custom birthstone ring, as they can accurately assess its resize potential.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a custom birthstone ring varies depending on materials, design complexity, and gemstones. Talisa offers a range of custom birthstone ring options, accommodating various budgets without compromising on quality and design uniqueness.

Where to buy custom birthstone rings?

Talisa is the ideal destination offering various unique designs crafted with high-quality materials. Please shop confidently, knowing that our dedication to craftsmanship and sustainability will provide you with exceptional personalized jewelry.

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