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Customer Reviews
  1. Delia R.

    Perfect size
  2. Brandi D.

    The quality is great. I appreciate the fast service and shipping
  3. Josh E.

    Talisa Jewelry went above and beyond to make the experience perfect. The pendant is wonderful, it looks great and my girlfriend is very happy. Thank you very much for everything!
  4. Diane J.

    Beautiful piece for my daughter
  5. Marjorie J.

    Very satisfying,
  6. Candice I.

  7. Carolyn S.

    Great service. Gift was a big hit!
  8. Jesse W.

    It looks exactly how it was described and the customization was accurate and beautiful. It arrived quickly with no issues.

Customized Nameplate Necklaces

Embrace your style and create a lasting impression with specially designed nameplate necklaces, perfect for adding a personal touch to your jewelry collection.

Choosing the perfect nameplate necklace can be a delightful experience, considering the variety of styles and materials available. Explore the charm of distinctive materials such as gold, silver, and rose gold to see how they enhance various designs and bring sophistication to this personalized jewelry piece.

Experience uniqueness by customizing your nameplate necklace to reflect your personality. We'll walk you through the customization process, from selecting the ideal font to incorporating creative text elements that make your necklace exclusively yours.

Ensure your nameplate necklace remains beautiful for years by providing proper care. Learn valuable tips from experts on maintaining its shine and durability, so you can continue enjoying your personalized jewelry for years to come.


Do Nameplate Necklaces Stay in Fashion?
Yes, nameplate necklaces remain timeless, offering classic appeal and versatility that allows you to express yourself through your jewelry.

What Text Options are Available for Nameplate Necklaces?
Aside from using your name, consider incorporating meaningful quotes, memorable dates, or even coordinates of special locations to make your necklace unique.

How is Text Added to a Nameplate Necklace?
When ordering a custom nameplate necklace, input the desired text in the provided customization box, and our artisans will create the jewelry according to your specifications.

What Should I Do if My Nameplate Necklace is Damaged?
If your necklace needs repair, don't worry. Our customer support team is committed to ensuring your satisfaction and offers warranties and repair services to all valued customers.

Are Nameplate Necklaces Long-lasting?
We take pride in the durability of our nameplate necklaces, crafted from high-quality materials like gold, silver, and rose gold. These pieces are designed to impress for years to come.

What is the Price Range for Nameplate Necklaces?
While costs may vary based on materials and design intricacy, nameplate necklaces remain an affordable and worthwhile investment in self-expression.

Where Can I Purchase Nameplate Necklaces?
Look no further than our online store for a stunning selection of nameplate necklaces. With a wide variety of designs lovingly crafted to suit your style, you will find the perfect piece.

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