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Men Bracelets
Men Bracelets
Men Bracelets
Customer Reviews
  1. Review

    Kathryn J.

    It is so personalized and clearly hand made.
  2. Review

    Walter B.

    Quality and what I was looking for in name bracelets.
  3. Review

    Blanca O.

    The bracelet was beautiful. My husband absolutely loved it.
  4. Review

    Yael L.

    The color options are great! Simple and pretty.
  5. Review

    Jacob C.

    Love the bracelets. I looked for a long time for the perfect gift for My father. As a Dad myself, having a bracelets like this was absolutely perfect for myself as well. Definitely would recommend Talisa to everyone
  6. Review

    Kenny P.

    Love the design and style
  7. Review

    Booker M.

  8. Review

    Sarah M.

    Easy to design. Good quality.
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