A Mother's Love Ring [Sterling Silver]

A Mother's Love Ring [Sterling Silver]

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There is no relationship in life like that of a mother and child. Just as the earth cannot survive without the warmth and energy of the sun so the care and affection of a mother's love gives us the energy we need to thrive in life. Symbolize this special relationship by placing the birthstones of you and your mother/child in this unique ring. The large stone represents the mother sun and the smaller stone the earth child. Let the side by side connection of the stones be a constant reminder of the close bond and love you share with your mother or child.


  • The ring is enriched with 2 to 6 Swarovski® crystals - one to five 2mm size and one 3mm size
  • Made of sterling silver - 925

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Customer Reviews
  1. It was so petite and feminine - just beautiful

    Sebrina T.

  2. The color of the stones were beautiful

    Krystal S.

  3. Ito beautiful and fits perfectly

    Maria G.

  4. I liked the detailed communications throughout the order

    Glen K.

  5. The gems were really pretty

    Amanda S.

  6. The colors are so beautiful!

    Beatriz O.

  7. Simple and beautiful. The way I like.

    Elisha C.

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