A Mother's Love Necklace Hammered [10K Gold]

A Mother's Love Necklace Hammered [10K Gold]

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There is no relationship in life like that of a mother and child. Just as the earth cannot survive without the warmth and energy of the sun so the care and affection of a mother's love gives us the energy we need to thrive in life. Symbolize this special relationship by placing the birthstones of you and your mother/child in this elegant circle necklace. The large stone represents the mother sun and the smaller stone the earth child. Let the side by side connection of the stones be a constant reminder of the close bond and love you share with your mother or child.

Materials: 10 Karat solid gold pendant with hammered finish comes with 2 to 8 genuine circle birthstones (one 2.5 mm size and one to seven 2mm size). Pendant hangs on 10 karat solid gold chain.

Starting price is for up to 2 small birthstones

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