Enchanted Rain Birthstone Necklace Horizontal [Sterling Silver]

Enchanted Rain Birthstone Necklace Horizontal [Sterling Silver]

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We all go through hard times, where life can sometimes lose some of its luster and color. But it is our family and friends that can help wash away the pain with a shower of love and affection. Keep your family’s cloudbursts of happiness next to your heart all the time with this Enchanted Rain necklace.

Materials: Sterling Silver necklace comes with 3 enriched with Swarovski® crystals - birthstones of your choice. Pendant hangs on Sterling Silver chain.

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Customer Reviews
  1. It was exactly as described-perfect size

    Mary D.

  2. Very pretty!

    Lisa J.

  3. It was unique and custom made

    Kimberly H.

  4. Personalized just for me and simple

    Eva S.

  5. design is wonderful! Simple and elegant to wear every day.

    Randy P.

  6. It's well made and the price was very good.

    Lea Ann P.

  7. That it made my mother in law very happy!

    Magrielle E.

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